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"...thirty minutes of pure hell. Two guitars and saxophone have never made such racket. The fittings in my mouth were hurting during this one. No songs, just the worst music I had heard all year, and I am quite serious about that."

Cassette soon available at www.ecstaticpeace.com




fathomfathomComposition: Ulrich Krieger

With Ulrich Krieger, Lee Ranaldo, Alan Licht and Tim Barnes

Fathom is for contrabass-saxophone, 2 just intonation electric guitars, close mic´ed percussion and 2 CD´s

Order: SR306 at www.subrosa.net



Cage3&4Ulrich Krieger´s third and fourth

This is the last part of the famous CAGE series. For the first time
ever collecting all "any instruments" chamber music works.

Released by MODE Records , order no 222&223. 



coverROOM40: the ten year tape series

Only 100 copies and only on cassette

Ulrich Krieger vs Ben Frost, Lawrence English vs John Chantler, Taylor Deupree vs Pimmon, DJ Olive vs Erik M, Tenniscoats vs Leighton Craig and Tujiko Noriko vs ROOM40 Soundsystem.




Ulrich Krieger - Up & Down 23

(for 4 soprano saxophones)
b-boim CD

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Experiences de Vol #7: Pure Noise

with: Ulrich Krieger - Ragnar_2
(for tenor saxophone and live-electronics)
artzody CD

more pieces by:
Kasper T Toeplitz and Dror Feiler




Ulrich Maiß - cellectric

edition cellectric DVD - limited edition 300 copies
with: Ulrich Krieger - Azrael 1 (Prelude)
(for cello and live-electronics)

more pieces by: Mario Bertoncini, John Cage, Giulio Castagnoli, Joseph Rovan




TEXT OF LIGHT - Un Pranzo Favoloso

Alan Licht: guitar | Lee Ranaldo: guitar, electronics | Ulrich Krieger: sax, sax-tronics | Tim Barnes: drums, percussions, electronics

“Un Pranzo Favoloso" has been recorded live on 26th May 2005 at Auditorium Concordia in Pordenone (Italy) during the "Schermo Sonoro - Cinemazero" festival. In this incredible concert Lee Ranaldo, Alan Licht, Tim Barnes and Ulrich Krieger played on Stan Brakhage experimental movies; the band explores the concept of soundtrack and creates something new out of it, a "sonic continuum" between music and the movies, in which Stan Brackage's images become sounds. The result is amazing.
"Synchronicity, not synchronization / Motion, not film / Sound, not soundtrack / Action, not concert"
Limited edition: 1.500 copies in beautiful digi-sleeve.




ZEITKRATZER (feat. Lou Reed) - Metal Machine Music

Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music may be the most misunderstood work ever created by a popular musician. The original two record set, released in 1975, was mostly noise: feedback squalls, amplifier hums and the tortured screech of electronic gadgets. The consensus at the time was that it was not music, but a protest by Reed to his then - record label, RCA. People may not know that avant-garde musicians like John Cage, LaMonte Young, Iannis Xenakis and Reed’s Velvet Underground partner John Cale had a considerable influence on the way he approached composition, even his more accessible rock and roll songs. Metal Machine Music was in some way a logical extension of atonal romps like “Heroin” and “Sister Ray.”
Today Metal Machine Music has become accepted by the avant-garde and highly regarded for its contribution to the “noise” movement in popular culture. ZEITKRATZER from Berlin gave Reed’s album a thorough listen and Ulrich Krieger, the group’s saxophonist transcribed the sounds to create an acoustic music score for their ensemble to play live. Those familiar with the oft-criticized two-disc album might wonder how they pulled this off. ZEITKRATZER has the will and the musical ability to give the music the attention it deserves, having already produced minimalist reworkings and collaborations with artists like Keith Rowe, Lee Renaldo of Sonic Youth, Carsten Nicolai and Elliott Sharp.
Catalog Number: ASP 3002
Release Date: September 4, 2007




(2007 Room40 EDRM417 – 2 CDs)

ULRICH KRIEGER- noise-pollination

David Grubbs, Richard Chartier, Francisco López, Camilla Hannan, Taylor Deupree, Christophe Charles, Dale Lloyd, Marc Behrens, Toshiya Tsunoda, Tim Hecker, Stephan Mathieu, Fennesz, Burkhard Beins, Jason Kahn, Ulrich Krieger, Keichi Sugimoto, Christopher Willits, Joel Stern

As Alain De Botton suggests in his book ‘The Art Of Travel’, the act of transit between social, cultural and geographic circumstance is far more than mere bodily movement. Language, architecture, food, gesture, landscape and sound all play a part in travel and ultimately contribute to the sensations of excitement, exoticism, disorientation and even fear that occupy the daily life of the traveller.
At points of departure and arrival on these journeys increasingly lies an airport. Like business hotels across the globe, the airport acts as a uniform presence – rotating gates, the clunk of baggage, the vague chatter of tourist and traveller alike and the occasional interruption of muffled announcements. Vast halls echoing with the shifting of bodies intent on exodus and return.
As Socrates wrote, ‘Man must rise above the Earth - to the top of the atmosphere and beyond - for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives [sic]’. Indeed, as the choreography of pre-flight checks is conducted following the gentle rock of the plane leaving the air bridge to a soundtrack of gentle pressurised drone and air conditioned hiss, a meditation commences. This moment of consideration is heightened, as the reflected sound of the engines scorching the tarmac surface is vacuumed into the void of open air and as the plane leaves the earth there is (in every traveller no matter how experienced) still a sense of silent awe at the marvels of the physics of flight.
Airport Symphony, commissioned by the Queensland Music Festival and Brisbane Airport Corporation, documents and synthesises the experiences of travel. Each piece represents a personal meditation on aspects of travel in the modern age and suggests ways in which we control, augment and ultimately exists in a time where almost no part of the face of the planet is inaccessible. Each of the pieces features a source recording made in and around Brisbane Airport between March and June 2007 –in a raw form or transformed by processing.
Audio diary entries cataloguing the epic possibilities of flight, aero-passage and human bodies in motion and even at rest.
Lawrence English, June 2007
All field recordings + photos by Lawrence English




Luciano Berio: The Complete Sequenzas & works for solo instruments (Mode 161/3 4-CD Set)

First release of the complete Berio Sequenzas I - XIV
(including all alternate Sequenzas) and all other solo compositions.

The Complete Sequenzas:

I (1958) Paula Robison, flute
II (1963) Susan Jolles, harp
III (1965-66) Isabelle Ganz, voice
IV (1965-66) Aki Takahashi, piano
V (1966) Stuart Dempster, trombone
VI (1967) Garth Knox, viola
VIb (1967) Rohan De Saram, cello
VII (1969) Jackie LeClaire, oboe
VIIb (1995) Ulrich Krieger, soprano saxophone
VIII (1976-77) Irvine Arditti, violin
IX (1980) Carol Robinson, clarinet
IXa (1980) Alain Billard, bass clarinet
IXb (1981) Kelland Thomas, alto saxophone
X (1984) Bill Forman, trumpet in C (with piano resonance)
XI (1987-88) Seth Josel, guitar
XII (1995) Noriko Shimada, bassoon
XIII (1995-96) Stefan Hussong, accordion
XIV (2002) Rohan de Saram, cello FIRST RECORDING
XIVb (2004) Stefano Scodanibbio, double bass FIRST RECORDING

Also Works for Solo Instruments:

Chanson pour Pierre Boulez (2000) - Rohan de Saram, cello FIRST RECORDING
Comma (1987) - Carol Robinson, eb clarinet
Fa-Si (1975) - Gary Verkade, organ FIRST RECORDING
Gesti (1975) - Lucia Mense, recorder
Gute Nacht (1986) - Brian McWohrter, trumpet Les mots son allés... (1978) - Rohan de Saram, cello
Lied (1983) - Carol Robinson, clarinet
Psy (1989) - Michael Cameron, double bass
Rounds (1964-65) - Jane Chapman, harpsichord

The first COMPLETE recording of the Sequenazs • The first COMPLETE recording of the alternate Sequenazs • Plus all of Berio’s works for solo instruments collected togerher for the first time (with the exception of those for solo piano, which would be a full CD in itself) • Extensive notes and biographical information, a 104-page book packaged




'a CAGE of saxophones', vol. 2 (Mode 160)


Second part of my series of the complete saxophone- and 'any instruments'-works of Cage. With works ranging from 1933-1987 !

Atlas Eclipticalis Two Solo for Baritone Saxophone Composition for Three Voices Sonata for Two Voices Solo with obbligato accompaniment ...

WITH: Ulrich Krieger, Tobias Rüber, Reimar Volker, Mario Bertoncini, Gerhard Scherer, Ulrich Maiß, Volker Straebel, Birgit Schmieder, Erich Wagner




An anthology of noise & electronic music, vol. 4 (Sub Rosa SR)

Sub Rosa Compilation

The 4. part of this series from Belgium, about the history of electronic music, Noise and Musique Concret from the beginnings until today.

Steve Reich - Pendulum Music
Ulrich Krieger - 8 Mikrophones  (KANN ICH NICHT FINDEN)




Touch Three 2006 Touch TO:69-3CDs

Phill Niblock

with Ulrich Krieger: - Parker’s Altered Mood - Alto Tune - Sax Mix

and many other works by Phill:
Harm, Sethwork, Lucid Sea, Zrost, Not Yet Titled, Valence.

Performed by these great musicians:
Arne Deforce, Seth Josel, Lucia Mense, Martin Zrost, Franz Hautzinger, Julia Eckhard.




Musik für Saxophon aus Berlin, Vol. 3: 1982-2004 (Edition Abseits EDA 29)

Duo Lunte -Bloom

Ulrich Krieger – Rote Erde (1992)

First recording of the version for alto saxophone and piano.
Frank Lunte - alto saxophone
Tatjana Blome - piano

With other works by:
Isao Matsushita, Franz Riemer, Dietrich Erdmann, Rainer Rubbert, Berthold Tuercke